• Roseli Ferreira

    Roseli Ferreira

    Mutter mit Attitude. Bloggt zu selten, um sich Bloggerin zu nennen. Der Link ein Mahnmal ihres schlechten Gewissens.

  • Guenter Lierschof

    Guenter Lierschof

  • We Are Museums

    We Are Museums

    Views and News for Enlightened Museum Professionals by We Are Museums - Last stop was in Marrakech, Morocco, 7–9 May 2018 @wearemuseums

  • Oliver Reichenstein

    Oliver Reichenstein

    Unguided notebook, follow @ia for the official stream

  • Sarah Stiefel-Muller

    Sarah Stiefel-Muller

    • culture & community for collective success • digital transformation & coms • leadership • professional coach in the making • human first • #digitalhippie •

  • Thomas Gegenhuber

    Thomas Gegenhuber

    ÖAW DOC-Team-Stipendiat @ JKU Linz

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