“Ode to Data Freedom” (#Closed #Gated #Open #Free) Wikimedia Wikidata Polska


In a digital world, ever-changing and vast,
Where data flows freely, from present to past,
There are approaches, four to be told,
Guiding us through, in this digital fold.

#Closed and #gated, they protect and they guard,
Yet often they hide more, making access hard.
They keep what could be shared, locked away tight,
Limiting vision, keeping insight out of sight.

But then comes #open, a beacon so bright,
Sharing and giving, with all its might.
It opens the doors, lets everyone in,
Showing the world, free from sin.

Yet #free is the star, shining most bright,
For #free is the dream, uniting every site.
Not meant as costless, but free as the breeze,
Where everyone edits, with utmost ease.

As Wikipedia teaches, “anyone can edit” the lore,
A haven of knowledge, forevermore.
Where everyone contributes, from heart and from mind,
Building together, what alone they can’t find.

For #free is the future, the true ideal,
An open book, for all, so real.
It honors the community, sharing, and being,
Paving the way, for digital seeing.




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