What is #Commonism? 🍄👾🚀

Let me explain to you the term Commonism, in which I explain to you beforehand the term Caputalism:

#Caputalism = ((Socialism)Liberalism)

Read this formula this way, “Caputalism is a distinction between Socialism and Liberalism.”

#Caputalism. Caput: Latin, “pertaining to the head”.

The term #Caputalism established itself after the conclusion of the “Cultural Form of Modernity” (1522–2022) as a neutral, descriptive name and umbrella term of many epoch descriptions and concepts: modern times, enlightenment, humanism, modernity etc.

End of Socialism 1989
End of Liberalism 1939? 2001? 2008? 2022?

However: Now it’s easy to guess what Commonism is focused on:

What is #Commonism?

#Commonism. Commons: Latin, “pertaining to the commons”.

The commons are often located “beyond the market and the state,” by which is meant above all that other logics of action dominate in commons contexts.

Let’s start with the beginnin: The commons is what multiplies when you share it.

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From #Monarchy to #Democracy to #Anarchy



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